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Joanne McNeil Hayes

Joanne McNeil HayesJoanne McNeil Hayes has been in the English Department since 1986. She began her career at GCC teaching developmental reading and writing and ESOL Speaking and Listening. Joanne teaches Composition, Literature and Film, Shakespeare, Women in Literature, Modern Poetry, and Latin American, Ethnic, British and Western Literature.

Her teaching in women’s studies includes an honors seminar in Women of the Medieval Era, a course in Women in American History, and several learning communities, such as Women in Transition, Women on the Verge, and Through the Looking-Glass.

Her undergraduate degree in English is from the University of Wisconsin, where she majored in American Literature between the Wars and minored in French Language and Literature and Art History. Her Masters Degree is from Johns Hopkins University, where she focused on women in classical antiquity and women in film.

As a poet, Joanne participates in poetry readings in Vermont, Massachusetts, Hawaii, South Carolina, Maryland, and New York, and has been published in small journals. She lives in Vermont where she walks, skis and composes poems.

Dissolving snow

resolving the question
  of crocuses
blooming under my open door
  where you enter
to encounter
spring's first thaw.

- by Joanne McNeil Hayes