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Scott Herstad

Scott HerstadScott comes from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow. He attended a college staffed by beer-drinking nuns. Almost by chance he ended up in a town called Normal surrounded by the humid corn and soybean fields of central Illinois. One day he drove a twenty-four foot U-Haul truck seventeen hours straight until he ended up in New Hampshire.

Scott loves teaching and working at GCC. He especially likes his English 090 and 101 classes. He’s also involved in the College Orientation series of classes, and has helped create two new literature classes, ENG 212: Graphic Novel and ENG 210: Creative Nonfiction.

Stop by his office sometime and talk with him about his love of country blues and The Price Is Right and his fascination with Lyndon Johnson and Kathy Lee Gifford.

All of this is true.

The Dutch Shoe
by Louis Jenkins

She was out of the water for years, since the early fifties maybe, over at the shipyard in Superior. You could see her from the highway, her masts down, sails stowed away. I loved that boat. All the time I was growing up I made plans to buy her someday. What shall I say happened? That my father bought her and put her in the back yard and kept garden tools in the hold? Or that my mother bought her and kept her in the china closet with the jade Buddha and the eight-day clock? That her brass gleams in the firelight, still dry and harmless? No. I bought the Dutch Shoe and sailed to Rangoon and Singapore and hundred other places. I faced incredible dangers and hardships. I laugh and dance and sing. I talk loud and drink all night. When I snore I wake bears in the forest and fish in the sea. Early mist rises from the water. Ice forms on the masts. My hair has turned white and my teeth have fallen out. I can’t see a thing and I am sailing away.