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About Human Services

Take advantage of the smaller classes at Greenfield Community College while engaging in your preparation for a career in human services.

Human Services Students say:

  • "The course work in HSV enabled me to upgrade my potential in a counseling position I am currently holding."
  • "The new curriculum is relevant and useful. I'm really excited."
  • "The courses facilitated my ability to bring together theory and practice."
  • "The HSV program definitely was responsible for getting me hired in my current job."

Our programs

  • Familiarize students with the basic qualities, strategies and activities common to the field.
  • Help students understand the roles and responsibilities needed to become effective human services workers.
  • Familiarize students with contemporary therapies used in the human services field.
  • Develop basic interviewing and counseling skills.
  • Provide supervised field work.
  • Enable students to further studies through transfer to baccalaureate degree-awarding institutions.